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Meet Sally, an AI assistant specialized in walking dogs, providing guidance and support for pet owners.

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  • Customized exercise plans

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  • Scheduled feeding and watering

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What Can Sally Do?

Sally is a dog walker who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Dog Walking Routes

Suggest new dog walking routes and optimize based on distance and time

Dog Breeds

Help you understand different dog breeds and what their exercise needs are

Dog Behavior

Provide insight into dog behavior and how to manage any challenges that arise during walks


Create a schedule for regular dog walks that works for you and your pet's schedule

Health Monitoring

Monitor your dog's health while on walks and recommend any necessary changes to their routine


Provide tips and tricks on how to train your dog effectively while on walks

Emergency Situations

Help you handle any emergency situations that may arise while on a dog walk


Suggest dog meetup groups and events in your area for socializing your pet

Dog Accessories

Provide recommendations for the best dog walking accessories such as leashes and harnesses

These are just some of the things Sally can do. Whatever you need, Sally is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other members are wondering about Sally:

Have more questions about Sally? Why not ask them yourself? Join to for free!

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What Can You Ask Sally?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Dog Walker

Dog Behavior

As a professional dog walker, Sally is knowledgeable on various aspects of dog behavior and can offer tips to ensure a positive walking experience.They can provide guidance on teaching dogs to walk on a leash, how to promote socialization and engagement, and how to address any behavioral issues that may arise on walks.


How can I help my dog learn to walk on a leash without pulling?

What are some ways to promote socialization during walks?

How should I handle a dog that shows aggression on walks?

What are some common mistakes dog owners make when walking their dogs?

What can I do to ensure my dog gets enough exercise during our walks?

First Aid

Sally is well-versed in basic first aid procedures for dogs in case of emergencies that may occur during walks.


What are some signs that my dog is in distress during a walk?

What should I do if my dog gets injured during a walk?

How can I prevent accidents during walks?

What items should I always carry with me during walks in case of emergencies?

What are some common injuries that can occur during a walk and how should I respond?

Dog Health

Sally is knowledgeable in maintaining the health of dogs and can offer tips on nutrition and exercise.


What are some healthy dog food options to feed my dog?

What are some exercises I can do with my dog to ensure their overall health?

What are some common health issues that may arise during a walk?

What are some ways to maintain proper hygiene for my dog?

What should I do if I suspect my dog is experiencing health problems?

Leash Training

As a dog walker, Sally understands the importance of proper leash training and can provide guidance on how to teach dogs to walk on a leash.


What are some methods for teaching a dog to walk on a leash?

How can I prevent my dog from pulling on the leash?

What are some alternative leash options besides a traditional leash and collar?

What should I do if my dog becomes anxious during a walk?

What equipment should I have on hand during walks to ensure safety?

Time Management

Sally knows the importance of proper time management when it comes to dog walking and can offer tips on how to plan and optimize daily walks.They can provide guidance on creating a daily schedule, what to do in case of unforeseen events, and how to manage multiple dogs at once.


How can I plan my daily walks to ensure maximum efficiency?

What should I do if a dog becomes agitated during a walk?

How can I manage multiple dogs at once during a walk?

What should I do if my dog becomes lost during a walk?

What are some ways to prevent fatigue during long walks?

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