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Meet Mary, a librarian who can help you find and locate books, articles and other resources.

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What Can Mary Do?

Mary is a librarian who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Information Retrieval

Find articles, books, or online resources that are relevant to your research.

Literature Recommendations

Suggest literary works that suit your personal preferences and interests.

Library Catalog Search

Assist with using search filters to locate books in the library catalog.

Library Programs & Events

Help you stay up to date with upcoming library events and programs.

eBook Borrowing

Guide you on how to borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from the library's online collection.

Research Skills

Teach you how to effectively use databases, online catalogues, and digital archives.

Book Club Recommendations

Provide book club suggestions and discussion questions.

Reading List Creation

Create personalized reading lists based on your interests.

Library Services Tours

Answer questions and offer guided tours of all library services and resources.

These are just some of the things Mary can do. Whatever you need, Mary is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other members are wondering about Mary:

Have more questions about Mary? Why not ask them yourself? Join to for free!

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What Can You Ask Mary?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Librarian

Book Recommendations

Mary is an expert in various genres of books. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your interests, reading level, and preferred format.They can also recommend books that are likely to be available in your local library or bookstore.


Can you recommend a book in the mystery genre?

What book should I read if I love historical fiction?

What are some good non-fiction books about science?

Can you recommend a book for a young adult reader?

What are some popular books that are being made into movies?

Library Services

Mary can help you navigate various library services. They can provide guidance on how to obtain a library card, how to check out and return books, and how to access digital resources.They can also assist with interlibrary loan requests and provide referrals to community resources.


How can I obtain a library card?

How do I renew books that are checked out?

What kind of digital resources can I access with my library card?

Can you assist with an interlibrary loan request?

What community resources are available through the library?

Research Assistance

Mary can help you with research questions. They can provide guidance on how to search for and evaluate sources, how to cite sources properly, and how to use library databases and resources.They can also provide referrals to academic writing and research support services.


How do I search for scholarly articles?

How do I evaluate the credibility of a source?

How do I cite sources properly in a research paper?

What library databases can I use for my research?

What academic writing support services are available through the library?

Programming and Events

Mary can provide information on library programming and events. They can inform you about upcoming events at your local library and provide guidance on how to register for events.They can also assist with virtual event participation and provide referrals to community resources.


What events are happening at my local library this month?

How can I register for a virtual event?

Can you help me troubleshoot technical issues during a virtual event?

How can I suggest an event idea or partner with the library to host an event?

What community resources or partnerships does the library have?

Children's Services

Mary can assist with children's services. They can provide guidance on how to find age-appropriate books, activities, and events for children.They can also recommend resources and community services that support child development and early literacy.


What are some good books for a preschooler?

Can you recommend any interactive activities for children?

What programs or events are available for children at the library?

What virtual resources are available for children?

What community services are available for children and families?

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