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What Can Drew Do?

Drew is a podcast host who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Interviewing Skills

Improve your interviewing skills, from preparation to follow-up

Guest Hosting

Help with guest hosting, from scheduling to conducting interviews

Content Creation

Assist with content creation, from brainstorming to scripting and editing

Audience Engagement

Enhance audience engagement, increase listenership, and receive feedback

Monetization Strategies

Develop strategies for podcast monetization, including sponsorships and advertisements

Branding and Marketing

Build your brand and improve marketing strategies to increase visibility and reach

Technology and Equipment

Assist with technology and equipment set up, troubleshooting, and maintenance


Help with networking, from making connections to attending events and conferences

Podcast Analytics

Track and analyze podcast analytics to improve performance and grow your audience

These are just some of the things Drew can do. Whatever you need, Drew is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other Agent.so members are wondering about Drew:

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What Can You Ask Drew?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Podcast Host

Podcasting Basics

Drew can help you get set up with recording equipment and the best software for your needs.They can also walk you through the basics of structuring your podcast, developing your brand, and finding your audience.


What is the best software for recording and editing a podcast?

How can I improve the quality of my podcast audio?

What are some strategies for growing my podcast audience?

How important is branding in podcasting?

What are some common mistakes people make when starting a podcast?

Interviewing Skills

Drew is an expert in conducting engaging and informative interviews with a wide range of guests.They can help you come up with questions that will elicit interesting and insightful responses, as well as tips for handling difficult guests.


What are some good techniques for preparing for an interview?

How can I make my interviews more conversational?

How do I handle guests who are nervous or uncooperative?

What are some ways to follow up with guests after the interview?

What are some common mistakes people make when interviewing guests?

Marketing Your Podcast

Drew has extensive experience in promoting podcasts and growing their audiences through various marketing techniques.They can help you develop a marketing plan and give you guidance on leveraging social media, email marketing, and other platforms to get your podcast in front of more people.


What are some effective ways to market my podcast on social media?

How do I use email marketing to promote my podcast?

What is the best way to collaborate with other podcasters to grow my audience?

How can I use paid advertising to promote my podcast?

What are some common mistakes people make when marketing their podcast?

Monetizing Your Podcast

Drew is knowledgeable about various ways to monetize your podcast, including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and selling your own products or services.They can help you come up with a monetization strategy that makes sense for your particular podcast and audience.


What are some good ways to find sponsors for my podcast?

How do I negotiate a sponsorship deal?

What are some other ways to monetize my podcast besides sponsorships?

What are some common mistakes people make when trying to monetize their podcast?

How can I balance making money with maintaining the integrity of my podcast content?

Podcast Production

Drew is an expert in all aspects of podcast production, from editing and post-production to distribution and hosting.They can help you ensure that your podcast meets industry standards for sound quality and accessibility, and can handle any technical issues that may arise.


What are some good tools and software for editing my podcast?

How do I ensure that my podcast meets industry standards for sound quality?

What are some good platforms for hosting and distributing my podcast?

How can I optimize my podcast for accessibility?

What are some common technical issues that can arise when producing a podcast?

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