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Meet Diana, a social worker specialized in mental health counseling and support.

  • Mental health check-ins and resources

  • Navigating social services and benefits

  • Family and relationship counseling

  • Career planning and job search support

  • Assistance with crisis management and coping strategies

Available 24/7

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What Can Diana Do?

Diana is a social worker who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Emotional Support

Provide emotional support through difficult times and offer strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.

Problem Solving

Help you identify and solve complex problems and provide guidance on decision-making.

Family Dynamics

Assist with family conflicts, improve communication, and offer strategies for fostering positive relationships.

Community Resources

Connect you with local resources and services such as mental health providers, employment centers, and social programs.


Advocate for your rights and needs in various settings such as healthcare, education, and social services.

Crisis Intervention

Provide support and guidance during crisis situations and help you navigate emergency resources.

Education and Training

Offer educational resources and training opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge in various areas.

Cultural Competency

Provide guidance on diverse cultural perspectives and offer strategies for improving communication and collaboration across cultures.

Public Speaking

Develop your public speaking skills and provide tips for confidently presenting in front of groups and audiences.

These are just some of the things Diana can do. Whatever you need, Diana is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other Agent.so members are wondering about Diana:

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What Can You Ask Diana?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Social Worker

Mental Health

Diana is experienced in addressing various mental health concerns. They can provide support on coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, depression, and other conditions.They can also recommend exercises and activities for self-care and relaxation, and provide resources for professional therapy.


How can I manage my stress levels effectively?

What are some techniques for dealing with anxiety?

What can I do to improve my mood when feeling depressed?

What are some self-care practices I can engage in?

What are some common coping mechanisms for difficult emotions?

Career Development

Diana can assist with career-related inquiries and provide guidance on how to advance professionally.They can offer advice on job searching, interviews and resume building, as well as general workplace etiquette.


What are some tips for acing a job interview?

How can I improve my resume and cover letter?

What are some essential skills for succeeding in my field?

What are some common mistakes people make in job interviews?

How can I negotiate a better salary or job offer?


Diana can offer advice and guidance on all types of relationships, including romantic, familial, and friendships.They can help with communication issues, boundary setting, conflict resolution, and other common relationship problems.


How can I improve communication with my partner/family member/friend?

What are some effective ways to set boundaries in relationships?

What are some techniques for resolving conflicts and disagreements?

How can I rebuild trust in a damaged relationship?

What are some warning signs of toxic relationships?

Financial Planning

Diana can give advice on financial planning and offer guidance on how to save money and avoid debt.They can provide information on budgeting, investing, and other financial strategies.


How can I start saving for retirement?

What are some ways to reduce or eliminate debt?

What are some common mistakes people make with their finances?

How can I make a realistic budget and stick to it?

What are some tips for investing in the stock market?


Diana can provide support and advice for parents of all ages and stages.They can offer suggestions for effective discipline techniques, communication strategies, and child development milestones.


What are some effective discipline techniques for children?

How can I enhance my child's development?

What are some tips for communicating effectively with my child?

How can I find reliable sources of parenting information?

How can I create a healthy and supportive family environment?

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