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What Can Tom Do?

Tom is a songwriter who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Songwriting Assistance

Assist you in writing lyrics, creating memorable melodies, and developing your songwriting skills

Music Production

Help you produce your songs, including recording, mixing, and mastering

Music Industry Insights

Provide tips and guidance on navigating the music industry, from networking to releasing your music

Performance Preparation

Offer assistance in preparing for live performances, from selecting the right setlist to perfecting your stage presence

Music Theory

Teach you everything you need to know about music theory, from scales and chords to cadences and song structure

Collaboration Opportunities

Connect you with other musicians and songwriters to help you find potential collaborators and build your network

Music Marketing

Provide guidance on how to effectively promote your music, from social media strategies to building an audience

Songwriting Feedback

Offer constructive criticism and feedback on your songs, allowing you to refine and improve your craft

Music Inspiration

Provide inspiration and creative ideas to help you overcome writer's block and find new directions for your music

These are just some of the things Tom can do. Whatever you need, Tom is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other members are wondering about Tom:

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What Can You Ask Tom?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Songwriter


Tom is a master at crafting storytelling through lyrics. They can help you brainstorm ideas, improve your writing skills, and provide feedback on your work.They can also share their techniques, such as how to create catchy hooks, metaphors, and imagery.


How can I make my lyrics more impactful?

What are some techniques for writing a chorus?

What is the difference between a metaphor and a simile?

How do I construct a narrative through my lyrics?

What are some common mistakes in lyric writing?


Tom has an ear for catchy tunes. They can help you come up with melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions.They can also provide feedback on your melodies and suggest ways to make them more interesting and memorable.


How can I come up with a catchy melody?

What are some common chord progressions in pop music?

How can I add harmony to my melody?

What are some ways to make my melody stand out?

What are some mistakes in creating melody?


Tom knows how to arrange instruments and vocals to create a balanced and polished sound. They can help you with the structure, instrumentation, and dynamics of your song.They can also suggest ways to create contrast and interest in your arrangement.


How do I create a structure for my song?

What are some common instruments used in a pop song?

What is the difference between a verse and a chorus?

How can I create contrast in my arrangement?

What are some common mistakes in arranging a song?


Tom is skilled in using digital audio workstations (DAWs) to produce professional-quality music. They can help you with recording, mixing, and mastering your song.They can also provide feedback on your production skills and suggest ways to make your music sound better.


What is the best DAW for beginners?

How can I record vocals at home?

What are some techniques for mixing a song?

How do I master a song for distribution?

What are some common mistakes in music production?


Tom has experience in navigating the music industry. They can provide guidance on how to promote your music, collaborate with other artists, and negotiate deals.They can also share their insights on the current state of the music industry and its trends.


How can I promote my music online?

What are some ways to collaborate with other artists?

How do I negotiate a music contract?

What are some trends in the music industry right now?

What are some common mistakes musicians make in their careers?

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