Private by Design

Your privacy is our top priority. That's why is designed for private conversations from the ground up.

Legally compliant and private by design. is GPDR, CCPA compliant, founded in the EU, and legally incorporated in the US to provide maximum data protection.

Encrypted Conversations

Conversations are private by default. They only get decrypted when you access them or create a public link. We keep your chats secure.

Hashed Training Data

Once a file is used for training, it gets hashed in a special format and permanently erased. We remove sensitive data after use.

We Delete Stuff. Forever.

When you decide to erase your conversation history or delete your account, we permanently purge that data from our servers.

You control your privacy, we mean it.

You decide what information to share with We provide tools to customize your experience.

Conversation & Message Deletion

At any time, you can delete your conversation history from our servers. Simply click the "Forget" buttons throughout the platform.

Built by Privacy Watchdogs

Our team has decades of combined expertise in data privacy and security. We've built privacy into's DNA.

No Unexpected Data Leaks

We employ industry-best practices like encryption, access controls, and internal monitoring to protect your information. Nobody can see your messages.

AGI belongs to all of us. It's critical we get it right from the start.

We are independent from big corporations, venture capitalists, and other forms of influence that misalign other companies from their users.

Independently Funded

Our entire platform is 100% bootstrapped by our founder and we do not need external capital to operate and serve you the experience you deserve.

Ongoing Security Reviews

We continually review our code, infrastructure, and internal processes to ensure privacy best practices.

Complete Transparency

You can see exactly what's happening behind the scenes. We will never secretly expose your data. Ask our team for anything.

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