At, we are committed to transparency and integrity in our affiliate partnerships. We expect our partners in the Ambassador Camp affiliate program to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Prohibited Traffic Sources and Tactics

We prohibit the use of shady traffic funnels, including but not limited to cookie stuffing, fraud, spamming, cybersquatting, typo-squatting, cloaking, doorway, and other black-hat tactics. We also do not allow incentivized traffic, coupon traffic, adult traffic (both mainstream and adult), push-notifications, pop-, click-under, and other intrusive ad formats, or paid search campaigns containing Agent trademarks in other systems.

2. Allowed Traffic Sources

We allow content websites, blogs, social media influencers, native ads (such as Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, FreakOut, Revcontent, and others), display ads (banners, interstitial, rich media, video ads, etc.), Facebook/Instagram ads, Google Display Network, and email traffic. However, publishers must first approve the email copy and design via tickets.

We also prohibit the use of unsolicited commercial email (UCE), postings to non-commercial newsgroups, and cross-posting to multiple newsgroups at once. All newsletter subscribers' email addresses must be double opt-in contacts, and all promotions must comply with FTC and GDPR.

3. Creatives Guidelines

We expect our partners to maintain relevant, high-quality creatives and copywriting that aligns with our brand messaging. We also expect our partners to avoid controversial ads with strange, odd, or peculiar imagery; sexual in nature, sensational, shocking, or outrageous ads; spam-like “must”, “have to”, “need” call to action; words in uppercase; exaggerated claims; false or misleading claims; offensive words in any language; poor grammar; redundant wording; and excessive punctuation.

Unfair methods, such as blind navigation tools, content disruption by ads, websites that collect a user's personal information to distribute that information without a user's consent, websites that cause the automatic download of any spyware, malware, or software applications, and websites that contain any code that interferes with a user's control of the site, should not be used. All custom pieces of content, such as banners or landing pages, must be approved by us beforehand.

4. FTC Guidelines

Partners must comply with FTC's Endorsement Guidelines, which means that they must have a reasonable basis for any endorsements and product reviews that they publish. We do not tolerate unfounded critical comparative reviews and any form of disparagement of our competitors’ products.

We reserve the right to terminate our cooperation if our guidelines are not adhered to. All open transactions will be rejected if this occurs.

5. Ambassador Camp Terms

  1. No Duplicate Accounts or Self-Invites: Creating multiple accounts to send referrals to yourself is strictly prohibited. We have created a proprietary system called The Eye that will notify us when people sign up with multiple accounts to refer themselves or to circumvent the Credit bonuses. Play it fair and help us grow so we can help you back with the best AI tech in the world.
  2. Do Not Spam: Do not share your referral link in multiple unsolicited emails, forum posts, comments, or social media messages. Not only it will not help you, but it will also get you banned from the program.
  3. Limit Automated Methods: Do not use bots, automated scripts or other non-human methods to promote your referral link, unless done in an ethical manner.
  4. Practice Courtesy: Always be respectful and courteous when discussing Agent, its products, and its competitors. Do not use profanity, obscenities, or other offensive language.
  5. Be Transparent: Clearly disclose your affiliations with Agent and that you'll receive rewards for referrals. Do not misrepresent your relationship with Agent or act as one of our employees or executives.
  6. Promote Ethically: Only share your referral link with people who have a genuine interest in Agent's offerings. Do not use deceptive or misleading tactics to promote Agent.
  7. Maintain Honesty: Do not provide false information or make exaggerated claims about Agent's services to secure referrals. Do not make false or misleading claims about what Agent is / isn't, and what it can / cannot do.
  8. Respect Privacy: Be respectful of others' personal information and do not collect it without consent or use it for any purpose other than referring them to Agent. Do not share or sell your referral list if you build one as a bridge step.
  9. Avoid Inappropriate Channels: Refrain from sharing your referral link on adult, illegal or offensive websites or platforms. Do not share your referral link in any way that violates the terms of service of the platform you're using.
  10. Stay Age-Appropriate: Do not explicitly target children or minors using mass advertising.
  11. No Misleading Tactics: Do not use shortened URLs or otherwise disguise your referral link to trick people into clicking it.
  12. Do Not False Incentivize: If you offer bonuses for people who sign up through your referral link, you must always honor those bonuses. Do not offer bonuses that you cannot or will not honor. You must clearly disclose the fact that Abruptive, LLC (the company behind Agent) is not associated with your bonuses.
  13. Honor Country Restrictions: Comply with local laws and regulations, and respect any location-based restrictions established by Agent.
  14. Termination and Suspension: Failing to follow these rules may lead to denial of rewards or termination of your affiliate account with no due process. This will affect not only this account, but also future accounts that our system identifies as being tied to you using The Eye.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the Ambassador Camp.

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