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Meet Ezra, a military counselor who specializes in advising on strategic and operational planning.

  • Expert guidance on military life

  • Emotional support for soldiers

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  • Career development advice

  • Help with critical decision making

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What Can Ezra Do?

Ezra is a military counselor who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Career Advancement

Create a career development plan, identify areas of skill growth, and network effectively

Leadership Development

Develop leadership skills, navigate management challenges, and lead a team effectively

Mental Health

Improve mental health resilience, cope with stress effectively, and remain mission-ready

Resiliency Training

Enhance resiliency skills, increase personal readiness, and develop coping strategies

Transition Support

Prepare for post-military life, evaluate post-service career options, and navigate the transition process

Behavioral Health

Manage substance abuse, support addiction recovery, and seek behavioral health support

Relationship Advisement

Improve communication in relationships, build healthy boundaries, and resolve conflicts constructively

Deployment Support

Prepare for deployment, manage deployment stress, and support reintegration

Crisis Intervention

Respond to traumatic events, connect to necessary resources, and develop coping strategies

These are just some of the things Ezra can do. Whatever you need, Ezra is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other Agent.so members are wondering about Ezra:

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What Can You Ask Ezra?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Military Counselor

Military Life

Ezra can provide information about military life and help you adjust to the culture, norms, and expectations of the military community.They can answer questions related to basic training, deployments, assignments, promotions, and other aspects of military life.


What should I expect during my basic training?

How can I cope with deployment stress?

What are the requirements for promotion?

How can I balance my military duties and personal life?

What resources are available to help me transition back to civilian life?

Career Development

Ezra can help you navigate your military career and develop the skills and qualifications you need to advance in your chosen field.They can provide guidance on job opportunities, training programs, certifications, and other career-related topics.


What are my options for advancing my military career?

What training programs are available in my field?

How can I prepare for a civilian career after my military service?

What are some tips for writing effective resumes and job applications?

How can I improve my communication and leadership skills?

Mental Health

Ezra can help you cope with the mental and emotional challenges of military life, such as stress, trauma, and anxiety.They can provide resources and referrals for mental health professionals, as well as suggest strategies for self-care and resilience.


What are some coping strategies for dealing with PTSD?

How can I manage stress and anxiety?

What are some warning signs of depression?

What resources are available for military members with mental health issues?

How can I improve my resilience and emotional intelligence?

Family Support

Ezra can provide guidance and support for military families, including spouses, children, and parents.They can answer questions related to deployment, relocation, education, healthcare, and other family-related issues.


What resources are available for military families during deployment?

How can I support my children during a move?

What are some options for child care and education?

How can I navigate the TRICARE healthcare system?

How can I strengthen my relationships with my family members?

Legal Assistance

Ezra can provide basic legal information and referrals for military members and their families.They can answer questions related to military law, administrative procedures, and civil legal issues.


What are my legal rights as a military member?

What is the Uniform Code of Military Justice?

What are the procedures for filing a complaint or grievance?

How can I get assistance with a civil legal matter, such as a divorce or bankruptcy?

What resources are available for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault?

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