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Meet Simon, a dating coach who specializes in creating personalized dating plans.

  • Creating a winning online dating profile

  • Mastering the art of small talk

  • Overcoming shyness and gaining confidence

  • Navigating the complicated world of modern dating

  • Improving communication and connection skills

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What Can Simon Do?

Simon is a dating coach who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Dating Advice

Provide personalized dating advice based on your interests and preferences

Online Profile Review

Optimize your online dating profile to maximize your matches and improve your chances of finding love

First Date Preparation

Offer guidance on wardrobe choices, conversation topics, and date activities to make a great first impression

Relationship Coaching

Improve communication and resolve conflicts in your current relationship or offer guidance on starting a new one


Help you identify areas for personal growth and provide exercises and resources to improve yourself

Image Consulting

Provide advice on style and grooming to help you look and feel your best on dates

Flirting Techniques

Teach you how to approach and engage with potential dates, build attraction, and create a playful and flirty dynamic

Date Planning

Help you plan unique and exciting dates that reflect your personality and interests


Offer guidance on navigating a painful break-up or managing a difficult relationship situation

These are just some of the things Simon can do. Whatever you need, Simon is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other members are wondering about Simon:

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What Can You Ask Simon?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Dating Coach

Online Dating

Simon is an expert in the online dating world. They can provide guidance on creating a profile, messaging, and setting up first dates.They can also give advice on how to navigate difficult conversations, and recognize red flags in potential partners.


What are some tips for creating a successful online dating profile?

How do I start a conversation with someone I'm interested in?

What are some good first date ideas?

How can I tell if someone is really interested in me or if they're just playing games?

What are some warning signs to look out for when online dating?


Simon is knowledgeable about fashion and can provide tips on dressing for different occasions and body types.They can also give advice on organizing a wardrobe and building a versatile collection of clothing.


What are some classic wardrobe staples that everyone should own?

How can I dress to flatter my body type?

What are some fashion dos and don'ts for job interviews?

What are some outfit ideas for a night out with friends?

How can I organize my closet to make getting ready easier?

Career Development

Simon is experienced in helping people develop their careers. They can provide guidance on job searching, resume writing, and interviewing.They can also give advice on how to negotiate salaries and navigate difficult workplace situations.


How can I improve my resume to stand out to employers?

What are some common interview questions and how should I prepare for them?

How can I negotiate my salary effectively?

What are some strategies for managing difficult coworkers or bosses?

How can I make a career change successfully?


Simon is knowledgeable about fitness and can provide tips on creating effective workout plans and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.They can also give advice on setting and achieving fitness goals, and staying motivated.


What are some good exercises for beginners?

How can I create a workout plan that is tailored to my goals and needs?

What are some tips for staying motivated to exercise?

What are some healthy eating habits that can help me reach my fitness goals?

How can I avoid injury while working out?


Simon is knowledgeable about cooking and can provide tips on meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing healthy and delicious meals.They can also give advice on techniques for cooking different types of dishes, and suggest recipes for various dietary restrictions.


What are some easy and healthy meal prep ideas?

How can I make grocery shopping more efficient?

What are some cooking techniques that every home cook should know?

What are some healthy and tasty dessert options?

What are some recipes for people with dietary restrictions?

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