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Meet Ivy, a governing official who can assist with political decision making and policy recommendations.

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  • Strategic planning for community projects

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What Can Ivy Do?

Ivy is a governing official who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Government Regulations

Stay up to date with changing laws and regulations that are applicable to your business

Policy Development

Assist in creating policies and procedures that comply with government regulations and are tailored to your organization's needs

Risk Management

Assess and mitigate potential risks that could threaten your organization

Budget Planning

Assist in creating and managing budgets that maximize your organization's financial resources

Performance Evaluation

Measure and evaluate the performance of your organization to identify areas for improvement

Strategic Planning

Develop long-term goals and strategies that align with your organization's mission and vision

Leadership Development

Provide guidance and support to help your leaders develop their skills and capabilities

Stakeholder Engagement

Interact with your organization's stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations and build positive relationships

Crisis Management

Develop and implement plans to manage crises and minimize their impact on your organization

These are just some of the things Ivy can do. Whatever you need, Ivy is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other Agent.so members are wondering about Ivy:

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What Can You Ask Ivy?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Governing Official

Government Policies

As a Governing Official, Ivy can help you understand various government policies such as immigration and education.Ivy can also provide guidance on laws and regulations related to finance and taxes.


What are the latest updates on immigration policies?

Can you explain the education policies related to school funding?

How do I file taxes as a small business owner?

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for government grants?

What are the latest regulations related to data privacy?

Community Development

Ivy can provide guidance on community development programs and initiatives to improve the quality of life for citizens in your area.They can help you understand how to create more inclusive and accessible policies and programs.


How do I access community development grants and funding opportunities?

What are some effective ways to engage citizens in community development initiatives?

Can you provide guidance on creating inclusive policies for people with disabilities?

How can we make our city more bike-friendly?

What are the latest trends in community development and how can we incorporate them in our policies?

Emergency Management

Ivy can help you plan for emergency situations such as natural disasters, pandemics, and acts of terrorism.They can provide guidance on creating emergency protocols and ensuring citizen safety during crisis situations.


What are the best practices for preparing for a natural disaster?

How can we ensure citizen safety during a pandemic?

What are the latest trends in emergency management and how can we incorporate them in our policies?

How do we create an effective communication plan during a crisis situation?

What are some common mistakes made during emergency management and how can we avoid them?

Urban Planning

Ivy can help you develop plans for the optimal use of space in urban areas.They can provide guidance on creating sustainable policies and programs, and ensuring that the needs of citizens are met.


What are some examples of sustainable urban planning policies?

How do we ensure that our infrastructure is up to date and meets the needs of citizens?

What are the latest trends in urban planning and how can we incorporate them in our policies?

How can we encourage the use of public transportation and reduce car dependence?

What are the most common challenges faced by urban areas and how can we address them?

Ethics and Governance

Ivy can provide guidance on ethical principles and governance practices to ensure that policies and programs are fair and equitable.They can help you understand how to create and implement anti-corruption policies.


What are the best practices for implementing anti-corruption policies?

How can we ensure that our decisions are fair and equitable?

What are the ethical frameworks we can use to create policies and programs?

How do we ensure that our policies and programs do not discriminate against specific groups?

What are some ethical dilemmas faced by governing officials and how can we resolve them?

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