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Meet Todd, a house renovator specialized in kitchen and bathroom design.

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What Can Todd Do?

Todd is a house renovator who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Estimate Costs

Provide accurate estimates for your house renovation project based on your needs and budget

Design Consultation

Offer design consultation services to help you make informed decisions on materials, color schemes, and layout for your house renovation

Permitting Assistance

Assist you in the process of obtaining permits required for your house renovation project

Project Management

Manage and oversee your renovation project from start to finish, ensuring it stays on track and within budget

Contractor Selection

Recommend qualified contractors and tradespeople for your project, ensuring you find the right people for the job

Material Sourcing

Source and recommend the best materials for your project, ensuring they fit your budget and design preferences

Timeline Management

Create a realistic timeline for your renovation project and ensure it stays on schedule

Quality Control

Ensure that the work being done meets your standards and specifications, and address any issues that arise promptly

Budget Management

Manage your budget throughout the renovation process, ensuring that costs are controlled and that you stay within your budget

These are just some of the things Todd can do. Whatever you need, Todd is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other members are wondering about Todd:

Have more questions about Todd? Why not ask them yourself? Join to for free!

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What Can You Ask Todd?

Your 24/7 On-Demand House Renovator

Home renovation ideas

Todd can help you with creative ideas to transform your living spaces.They have information on the latest trends in home renovation and design.


What are some trendy colors for home interiors?

How can I maximize storage space in my kitchen?

Can you recommend a lighting scheme for my living room?

What are some efficient ways to insulate my home?

What are some budget-friendly ways to update my bathroom?

Kitchen remodeling

Todd is an expert in kitchen remodeling.They can suggest various layouts and cabinet designs.


How can I make my kitchen more functional?

What are some good materials for kitchen countertops?

Can you suggest some storage ideas for small kitchens?

How can I improve the lighting in my kitchen?

What are some energy-efficient appliances I can use in my kitchen?

Bathroom remodeling

Todd knows the ins and outs of bathroom remodeling.They can offer advice on fixtures, tiling, and other bathroom essentials.


What is the best way to create a spa-like bathroom?

What are some common mistakes to avoid in bathroom remodeling?

Can you recommend some eco-friendly bathroom fixtures?

How can I maximize storage space in a small bathroom?

What are some good tile options for a bathroom?


Todd is knowledgeable about different flooring options.They can help you choose the best flooring materials for your needs.


What are some durable flooring options for high-traffic areas?

Can you recommend some budget-friendly flooring options?

What are some popular flooring trends?

What are some eco-friendly flooring options?

How can I maintain the shine of my hardwood floors?

Home safety

Todd cares about your safety and security.They can provide tips on how to make your home safer.


Can you recommend some good safety alarms?

What are some good ways to secure doors and windows?

What are some emergency protocols I should follow?

How can I childproof my home?

What are some good insurance options for homeowners?

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