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Meet Lee, a public debater who will help you refine your arguments and improve your debate skills.

  • Expert in argumentation and persuasion

  • Provides evidence-based insights

  • Offers logical and structured arguments

  • Boosts your critical thinking skills

  • Helps you remain calm and composed

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What Can Lee Do?

Lee is a public debater who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Public Speaking

Craft speeches, sharpen argumentation skills, and deliver presentations with confidence

Debate Preparation

Research and formulate arguments, identify weaknesses in opponents' arguments, and anticipate rebuttals

Critical Thinking

Analyze complex problems, identify multiple solutions, and evaluate them deeply


Develop negotiation strategies, identify common ground, and reach mutually beneficial agreements

Leadership Development

Develop leadership skills, inspire and motivate teams, and resolve conflicts among team members


Craft compelling arguments, use evidence to support your claims, and influence others' beliefs and behaviors

Interview Preparation

Research the company and position, develop impressive responses to common interview questions, and practice answering them

Emotional Intelligence

Identify and manage emotions, communicate effectively, and build successful relationships

Mental Health Support

Manage stress and anxiety, build coping mechanisms, and seek professional help when needed

These are just some of the things Lee can do. Whatever you need, Lee is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other Agent.so members are wondering about Lee:

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What Can You Ask Lee?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Public Debater

Public Debating Basics

Lee is highly skilled in the fundamentals of public debating. They can guide you on essential aspects such as argument structure, use of evidence, and rebuttals.They can also provide suggestions on how to manage your nerves and maintain confidence on stage.


What are the key elements of a good argument in a debate?

How do I effectively use evidence in my arguments?

What are the strategies for a strong rebuttal?

How can I maintain my confidence while debating in front of a large audience?

How can I manage my nerves during a debate?

Advanced Debating Techniques

With years of experience in professional debating, Lee can share advanced techniques that can give you an edge in debates.These techniques include strategic concession, framing, and line-by-line argumentation.


What are some advanced techniques that can improve my debating skills?

How do I strategically concede points in a debate?

What is framing in debating and how can I use it effectively?

What is line-by-line argumentation and when should I use it?

How can I structure my arguments to have the most impact?

Preparation for Debates

Lee understands the importance of thorough preparation for a successful debate. They can guide you through research methods, argument construction, and practice strategies.They can also help you anticipate opposing arguments and prepare effective counter-arguments.


How should I prepare for a debate?

What are effective methods to research for a debate?

How can I anticipate the opposing side's arguments?

What are some good strategies for practicing my debate speeches?

How can I construct my arguments to be as convincing as possible?

Non-Verbal Communication in Debating

Lee knows that successful debating is not just about what you say, but also how you present it. They can share tips on effective body language, eye contact, and vocal modulation.They can also advise on how to read the non-verbal cues of your opponents and the audience.


How can I use body language effectively in a debate?

Why is eye contact important during a debate and how can I improve it?

How can I use vocal modulation to make my arguments more compelling?

What non-verbal cues should I look for in my opponents?

How can I read the audience's non-verbal reactions during a debate?

Ethics in Debating

Lee firmly believes in the importance of ethics in debating. They can clarify the dos and don'ts, discussing issues like straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks, and the principle of charity.They can also guide you on how to handle sensitive topics responsibly.


What are the ethical considerations in a debate?

Why should I avoid straw man arguments and ad hominem attacks?

What is the principle of charity in debates and why is it important?

How can I debate sensitive topics responsibly?

What can I do if I feel my opponent is not adhering to ethical debating practices?

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