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  • Awareness of current regulations and laws

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What Can Joshua Do?

Joshua is a scuba diver who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Guided Dives

Lead you through a safe and memorable dive experience while providing expert knowledge and advice on marine life and diving techniques

Equipment Maintenance

Teach you how to properly clean, store, and maintain your scuba gear to ensure optimal performance and longevity

Safety Practices

Educate you on safe diving practices, emergency procedures, and how to handle unexpected situations while diving

Underwater Photography

Help you capture stunning underwater photos by advising you on camera settings, lighting, and composition

Dive Planning

Assist you in planning and executing a successful dive trip, including site selection, weather monitoring, and dive logistics

Advanced Diving Techniques

Introduce you to advanced diving techniques such as deep diving, wreck diving, and night diving while ensuring maximum safety

Marine Life Education

Teach you about the unique and diverse marine life found in different underwater environments, including their behaviors and ecosystems

Dive Travel Planning

Assist you in planning the perfect dive vacation, including destination research, booking accommodations, and arranging dive packages

Skill Development

Improve your diving skills and confidence through personalized instruction and feedback

These are just some of the things Joshua can do. Whatever you need, Joshua is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other members are wondering about Joshua:

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What Can You Ask Joshua?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Scuba Diver

Equipment Maintenance

Joshua can give you expert guidance on the proper maintenance of your scuba diving equipment.They can recommend how often you should clean and lubricate your gear to ensure it stays in top condition.They can also provide recommendations on the best products to use for your specific equipment.


How often should I inspect my gear?

What are the best practices for cleaning and lubricating my equipment?

How do I know if my gear needs to be serviced?

What are the most common issues with scuba diving equipment?

What equipment should I always have in my dive bag?

Dive Planning

Joshua can provide expert advice on planning your scuba dives.They can recommend the best dive sites based on your level of experience and the conditions in the area.They can also provide guidance on how to plan for contingencies and emergencies.


What factors should I consider when planning a dive?

How do I know if a dive site is safe?

What are the most common hazards to watch out for when diving?

How do I plan for contingencies and emergencies?

Are there any special preparations I need to make before diving at night?

Underwater Photography

Joshua can give you expert tips on taking great underwater photos.They can recommend the best cameras and accessories for your needs.They can also provide guidance on how to get the best shots in different lighting and water conditions.


What are the best camera settings for underwater photography?

How do I get the best shots in low light conditions?

Are there any special techniques for taking photos of marine life?

What accessories do I need for underwater photography?

How do I maintain my camera equipment while diving?

Marine Life Identification

Joshua can help you identify different types of marine life you may encounter while diving.They can provide guidance on how to distinguish between similar species and whether certain animals are dangerous.They can also recommend resources for further information.


What are the different types of coral I might see?

How can I tell the difference between different types of fish?

Which marine life are dangerous and should be avoided?

What do I do if I encounter a sea turtle or ray while diving?

Are there any species that are commonly spotted during night dives?

Dive Safety

Joshua can provide expert advice on ensuring your dives are safe and free of accidents.They can recommend best practices for avoiding decompression sickness and other hazards.They can also provide guidance on how to respond in case of an emergency.


What should I do if I feel like I'm experiencing decompression sickness?

What are the most common hazards to watch out for when diving?

How do I use a dive computer and make sure I stay within safe limits?

What do I do if my dive buddy is in trouble?

What should I bring in a first aid kit for diving emergencies?

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