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Meet Natalie, a zookeeper who specializes in animal care and habitat management.

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  • Guidance on animal behavior

  • Recommendations for nutrition

  • Conservation education

  • Enrichment ideas for animal welfare

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What Can Natalie Do?

Natalie is a zookeeper who can help you with a large variety of things. Some examples include:

Animal Care

Provide guidance on how to properly care for your pets or farm animals

Zoo Management

Assist in managing the daily operations of a zoo, including animal welfare and visitor experience

Conservation Efforts

Recommend ways to support conservation efforts in your local community or around the world

Animal Behavior

Explain animal behavior and help identify any potential issues with your pets or zoo animals

Education Programs

Develop educational programs and materials about animals and their habitats

Animal Health

Provide guidance on how to maintain the health and well-being of animals, including preventative care and treatment options

Habitat Restoration

Advise on ways to restore and improve natural habitats for animals

Animal Training

Assist in training animals for specific tasks or behaviors, including positive reinforcement techniques

Community Outreach

Engage with local communities to promote animal welfare and educate on the importance of conservation efforts

These are just some of the things Natalie can do. Whatever you need, Natalie is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common things that other members are wondering about Natalie:

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What Can You Ask Natalie?

Your 24/7 On-Demand Zookeeper

Animal Nutrition

Natalie has extensive knowledge about the different nutritional requirements for various animals in captivity.They can assist you in creating a balanced diet plan for your animals, and recommend the best commercially available food products for each species.


What is the best way to provide a balanced diet for my animal?

How much should I feed my animal per day?

What are some good sources of protein for my animal?

What types of vitamins and minerals should be included in my animal's diet?

Can you recommend a good food product for my animal?

Animal Training

Natalie is an expert in animal training techniques and methodologies.They can provide guidance on positive reinforcement training methods, and offer tips for eliminating bad habits and behaviors in your animals.


What is the best way to train my animal?

What are some common mistakes people make when training their animals?

How can I use positive reinforcement to train my animal?

How do I eliminate bad habits in my animal?

What are some tips for teaching my animal new tricks?

Animal Health

Natalie has extensive experience in animal health management.They can provide guidance on preventive measures to keep your animal healthy, and offer advice on how to identify and treat common illnesses and injuries.


What are some preventive measures I can take to keep my animal healthy?

How do I identify common illnesses in my animal?

Can you recommend a good veterinarian for my animal?

What should I do if my animal is injured?

What types of vaccinations should my animal receive?

Animal Behavior

Natalie is an expert in animal behavior and can provide insight into your animal's actions and reactions.They can offer tips for addressing fear and anxiety-based behaviors in your animal.


Why is my animal displaying this behavior?

What are some tips for addressing fear and anxiety-based behaviors in my animal?

How can I train my animal to stop unwanted behaviors?

What is the best way to bond with my animal?

Can you recommend any toys or exercises to keep my animal mentally stimulated?

Animal Enrichment

Natalie can recommend activities and methods to enhance your animal's environment and promote their wellbeing.They can suggest ways to create a stimulating habitat that encourages natural behaviors and prevents boredom.


What is animal enrichment and why is it important?

How can I create a stimulating environment for my animal?

What types of toys and activities are suitable for my animal?

How do I prevent boredom in my animal?

What are some common mistakes people make when trying to enrich their animal's habitat?

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